Reykjavík Grapevine media coverage of our lava bridge

In June 2021 Linudans presented a new bridge type that is meant to protect roads and infrastructure against approaching lava due to volcanic eruptions.

A great media coverage of our lava bridge was presented in Grapevine (in English) in context of the volcanic eruptions in Geldingardalur in Reykjanes peninsula. The design was originally presented in the newspaper Morgunbladid. The volcano has been erupting for over four months now and volcanologists say eruptions might last for many years. The lava is starting to threaten important road-connections in the area. Over a period of just few weeks the height of the surface of Meradalir has increased by 40 meters, due to the new lava. With time, the lava bridge turns into a tunnel (see fig.). All the time the road is open.